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Learn how to effectively use this 40”x40” laminated graphic organizer to conceptualize an NGSS phenomenon-based unit of instruction, leading to specific lesson plans using the 5E inquiry model.
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#9: Countdown to Mars: Live Video, Resources

Connect Students to #CountdownToMars

Looking for a Déjà vu opportunity to take “…one small step for (hu)man…One giant leap for (human)kind?” Take advantage of a historic opportunity to engage all students and inspire them to consider STEM careers.

On Feb. 18, NASA will attempt to land a new rover on the surface of Mars. Students, educators, parents and informal science educators are invited to participate in the adventure of this historic landing. NASA has created a STEM Education Toolkit with links to the “Mission to Mars Student Challenge.” This toolkit will lead students in designing their own Mars mission. Additional features include activities, lessons, interactives, social media and more to allow classrooms, families, and individuals to ride along. There will also be a series of programs broadcast for educators and students in the days and weeks leading up to landing.

Some of the details about the Countdown to Mars Project include:

  • The mission is called Perseverance and will be carrying a helicopter named Ingenuity.       This car-sized rover is designed to search for signs of ancient microbial life and collect samples of Mars for return to Earth.
  • Landing events will be broadcast live on February 18, starting at about 11:00 AM PST/2:00 PM EST in English and Spanish, with touchdown at about 12:55 PM PST/3:55 PM EST.  Watch live.
  • One-stop shop for extensive Perseverance education and public engagement materials and resources is the #CountdownToMars Mars 2020 STEM Toolkit.
  • Learn all about the “Mission to Mars Student Challenge” launching in January. The challenge culminates on Feb. 18, when students can land their missions along with the Perseverance Mars rover! Participants will also have the opportunity to join live stream Q&As with NASA experts and submit student work & questions for the landing broadcast.
  • Find the schedule for televised educational events in advance of landing day at the Challenge and Toolkit sites and at Mars Watch Online.
  • Would you like a preview? Perseverance will be following much the same path as the Curiosity rover did in 2012. Watch Curiosity’s “Seven Minutes of Terror!” video.

Thanks and appreciation to my friend David Seidel, STEM Engagement Director at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, for sharing this awesome opportunity and resources!

Stay healthy and safe – Happy Holidays!


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