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Storyboarding an NGSS Unit

Learn how to effectively use this 40”x40” laminated graphic organizer to conceptualize an NGSS phenomenon-based unit of instruction, leading to specific lesson plans using the 5E inquiry model.
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Weekly Tip

#8-The Science Behind a COVID Vaccine

On a daily basis I try to learn more about the science associated with the pathogen known as COVID-19. Now, with the recent approval of a vaccine, there is yet more information to learn about its efficacy and safety. How were scientists able to make this vaccine in nine months when the typical vaccine production time may take up to ten years?

This past Sunday a colleague shared a spectacular video with me. Produced by PBS Digital Studios, Making the COVID-19 Vaccine is an awesome video. It explains, in simple terms and superb graphics, the ground-breaking research and innovative technology that led to vaccine development.

This video is “a must show” to your students, family and friends. It will reinforce the significance and value scientific contributions have on society. It will also catalyze our behaviors in becoming scientifically literate citizens in order to make informed decisions.

Thanks to my colleague and good friend, Kirk Brown, San Joaquin County Office of Education for sending me this video.

Stay healthy and safe.


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