Customized professional learning and strategic planning opportunities in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and workforce development for pre-K through secondary education.

About Dean

Dean Gilbert is a Science/STEM Consultant for EDU Consulting LLC. In this position, he administers local to national professional learning, leadership and strategic planning programs to improve science instruction and student achievement…


Single, multiple-day and long term professional training opportunities for teachers and administrators, in addition to strategic planning and new course development for Next Generation Science Standards.


Covid-19 Grading/Graduation FAQs

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and school closure, today the California Department of Education released guidelines for grading and graduation requirements, along with related frequently asked questions (FAQs) and pertinent resource links. https://www.cde.ca.gov/ls/he/hn/gradegraduationfaq.asp Please share with fellow colleagues!

Building Capacity for Teaching Engineering

The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine has just released a new publication, Building Capacity for Teaching Engineering in K-12 Education, available as a FREE downloadable document. This publication reviews existing curricula and programs, as well as related research…

STEAM at Home

With the recent closure of schools as a local, state and national health safety response to the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic, a group of colleagues and I have assembled a set of outstanding FREE resources for students, parents and teachers to…