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Downloadable NGSS Resources on “Padlet”

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Storyboarding an NGSS Unit

Learn how to effectively use this 40”x40” laminated graphic organizer to conceptualize an NGSS phenomenon-based unit of instruction, leading to specific lesson plans using the 5E inquiry model.
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Unit/Lesson Development Resources

EDU Consulting's mission is to provide innovative professional learning and strategic planning to public school districts, charter, private and parochial schools, business and industry, to improve teaching and student learning. To achieve our mission, we work collaboratively with community-based, non-profit, business/industry, parent and various organizations in prioritizing STEM and Career/Technical Education training programs.

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Professional Training With EDU Consultants

Professional training with EDU Consultants includes working collaboratively with your school/district leadership team to develop state-of-the-art learning opportunities for any of the following:

NGSS implementation

There are multiple entry points for NGSS professional learning, from general awareness, transitioning to NGSS from previously adopted standards, to full implementation. EDU Consulting LLC will work your school/district leadership to structure training that best meets the needs of all constituents.

Cognitive coaching

EDU consultants provide individual, grade-level and small group cognitive coaching based on the needs of our clients. Cognitive coaching can assist staff to expand their pedagogical practices to address equity, access and student-centered learning.

Lesson Study

Teachers will participate in a traditional lesson study where they collaboratively develop an NGSS-aligned lesson; observe a colleague teach the agreed-upon lesson in the morning; debrief the observed morning lesson to modify and improve its components; observe a second colleague teach the same lesson, only with the modified improvements; and finally debrief the second observation, make their final modifications, along with sharing their personal reflections.

To begin with, teachers will participate in a traditional lesson study where they collaboratively develop an NGSS-aligned lesson. They observe a colleague teach the agreed-upon lesson in the morning. Secondly, team members debrief the observed morning lesson to modify and improve its components. Afterwards, they observe a second colleague teach the same lesson, only with the modified improvements. Finally, teachers debrief the second observation, make their final modifications and share their personal reflections.

Building a comprehensive pre-K through 12 curriculum plan

Professional training with EDU Consultants will first structure and facilitate a series of planning meetings with grade-level and administrative representatives. Afterwards, teachers will use district guidelines, state and national content frameworks and Common Core ELA and Math standards to construct a comprehensive set of curriculum maps that will drive your instructional program.

Developing and implementing an authentic assessment system

EDU consultants introduce teachers to research-based criteria used in developing both formative and summative assessments. Subsequently using this background information, participants apply what they have learned and construct specific NGSS-aligned assessments for classroom and district wide implementation.

Building Professional Learning Communities

How do you maximize department instructional decision making processes that have the greatest impact on student learning? For instance, one key approach is the implementation of professional learning communities or PLCs. The PLC process focuses on three major components: learning, collaboration, and results. Providing a multi-layered approach, EDU instructs staff on the essential components of PLCs. In addition, we model effective facilitation of a PLC meeting in a department setting. Subsequently, we also work with department chairs and site leadership to craft “essential questions” based on the school wide plan.

Building a new or re-design of an existing STEM program

EDU Consulting has assembled a consortium of educators and industry/business leaders to inventory all aspects of your current STEM program. For instance, we look at curriculum to facilities or work with you from ground-zero to build a new and innovative program that will positively impact the 21st century STEM pipeline.

Laboratory safety

Science Safety, especially in the Science Lab, is a critical and on-going issue for schools. To start with, safety is a subject of constantly changing legislation. The threat of lawsuits is an obvious. Therefore, science teachers, administrators, safety officers and district risk managers must have current information regarding this most important area. EDU laboratory safety training will provide participants with a general overview of science safety and related liability issues for public schools. As a result, focusing on the specific areas of responsibility within a school and district.

Instructional materials adoption

EDU consultants work collaboratively with your Curriculum/Instruction department to structure and facilitate a multi-step process involving district stakeholders. This process is based on data-driven decision making. Most importantly, this will lead district leadership towards a quality recommendation to their Board of Education.

Professional Training Services

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