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NGSS Self-Assessment

Looking for something to assess your understanding and application of the key components of Next Generation Science Standards? I have created a Nearpod lesson that includes a series of interactive polls, use of drawing tools, and open-ended questions, along with…

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Two new books from National Academies

The National Academies recently released two books that are definitely “a must read.” Building Educational Equity Indicator Systems: A Guidebook for States and School Districts, provides information to help state and school district leaders develop ways of tracking educational equity…

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Strategies Aligned to Virtual Platforms

Virtual Platforms That Mimic Face-to-Face Instructional Strategies Since the closure of schools in mid-March resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, I have devoted a significant amount of time accelerating my personal online learning curve.   I have particularly focused on virtual…

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NGSS SEP Implementation Tool

I recently came across some great instructional resources, developed by Instructional Leadership for Science Practices (ILSP), that can assist teachers (and administrators) with the implementation of the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices. Link to downloadable PDF: SEPs_Practices and Student Performance…

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Distance Learning Page Launched

With more of you transitioning to the “virtual” world of instruction, we have launched a new page, “Distance Learning”  to help guide your accelerated professional learning curve to learn and implement the various options and applications of distance learning. I…

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Two new NGSS Resources for Instruction

In the latest newsletter from Achieve, I came across two new resources that support NGSS instruction and learning for ALL students. The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) has released Using Crosscutting Concepts to Prompt Student Responses to guide…

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