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Two new NGSS Resources for Instruction

In the latest newsletter from Achieve, I came across two new resources that support NGSS instruction and learning for ALL students. The Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) has released Using Crosscutting Concepts to Prompt Student Responses to guide…

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Implementing NGSS-Key Resources

Two documents have come to my attention that provide significant guidance and recommendations for successful district implementation of Next Generation Science Standards. Achieve has released the NGSS District Implementation Indicators, a document outlining important indicators of successful NGSS implementation at…

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NGSS Rollout #4 Coming Statewide

Registration is now available for NGSS Rollout #4, which will focus on how to use the newly adopted California Science Framework to support your implementation of NGSS. Download the Flyer with sessions here The scheduled dates for each two-day professional…

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Searchable Phenomena

Another web-based resource I would like to reference is one developed by John Spiegel from San Diego COE and various district colleagues in San Diego County. It is a great search engine which allows a teacher to select a disciplinary…

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NGSS Phenomena Resources

SO many teachers I work with ask for examples of phenomena-based lessons! I put together these two documents for middle and high school teachers and I am currently working on a similar document for K-5 elementary teachers. Sample NGSS Lessons…

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