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OpenSciEd: FREE NGSS-aligned Resource Units

A group of state education agencies, working with school districts, classroom educators, experienced science curriculum developers and the science education community, created and field tested a complete set of robust, research-based, open-source science instructional materials that are aligned to the…

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Freshman Admission Lab Science Requirement Update

The “d” laboratory science requirement has recently been revised to include discipline options for A-G courses submitted for UC approval. These updated science disciplines align with the Next Generation Science Standards. For specific details regarding updates, visit

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Achieve Releases Performance Task Screening Tools

This past week, Achieve released two new tools that will assist teachers in evaluating science assessment tasks to determine whether they accommodate for the three-dimensionality of NGSS. The Science Task Prescreen is used to conduct a quick review of assessment tasks…

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California EEI Curriculum: Newly NGSS-Aligned

The FREE K-12 Environmental Education Initiative Curriculum is now aligned with NGSS and offers great “storylines” to frame your instruction and help build powerful stewards of Mother Earth. The 85 available units provide lessons and resources that support the teaching…

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UC grants Earth/Space Science “d” laboratory credit!

It’s been a long time coming, but the UC system has finally granted Earth/Space Science “d” laboratory credit.  The traditional science “trilogy,” of biology, chemistry and physics has now become a “quartet” that includes Earth/Space Science as a rigorous, discipline-specific…

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Three New Essential NGSS-aligned Resources

I would like to draw your attention to three documents that are currently on my radar as I work with schools and districts throughout the state. I know you will find these resources quite useful as you consider developing new,…

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