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Training Dates for “TIME”

Statewide trainings for California’s Toolkit for Instructional Materials Evaluation (TIME) are now available to district teams moving forward with their science adoption. Based on comprehensive, collaborative work by CSTA, CISC, K-12 Alliance, California Science Project and County Offices of Education,…

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State Board Approves Science Instructional Materials

At the November 8-9, 2018 meeting, the CA State Board of Education approved the largest number of publisher instructional materials (IM) for science in the history of state adoptions. Click here to download the list of approved publisher materials: CDE_2018…

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Update on NGSS Instructional Materials Adoption

CSTA has just released an excellent update on the current status of NGSS Instructional Materials Adoption as it pertains to (1) K-8 Adoption; (2) Standards Maps for High School; (3) Resources for Reviewing Instructional Materials; (4) CSTA White Paper: Priority…

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Achieve Releases Performance Task Screening Tools

This past week, Achieve released two new tools that will assist teachers in evaluating science assessment tasks to determine whether they accommodate for the three-dimensionality of NGSS. The Science Task Prescreen is used to conduct a quick review of assessment tasks…

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California EEI Curriculum: Newly NGSS-Aligned

The FREE K-12 Environmental Education Initiative Curriculum is now aligned with NGSS and offers great “storylines” to frame your instruction and help build powerful stewards of Mother Earth. The 85 available units provide lessons and resources that support the teaching…

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NGSS Alignment Claims: What Publishers Are Saying

Achieve has just posted on their website, NGSS Alignment Claims:  What Publishers are Saying, which will help you sort through and be aware of the many claims currently being made by publishers regarding their instructional materials alignment to NGSS. Keep…

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