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Anne Maben

With a BA in English and an M.S. in marine biology, Annie Maben has been an educator in public and private schools from elementary through college for over 35 years. As a field biologist, Ms. Maben has had the chance to live and work in Micronesia, Australia and New Guinea, doing original research on endangered bird species. As an educator, she has won awards for her excellence in teaching AP Biology and AP Environmental Science courses and served as the AP Science Coach at the LA County Office of Education.

A long-time member of the LA County Science Fair Advisory Board, Ms. Maben loves mentoring students doing research projects. For 7 years, Ms. Maben was the Project Coordinator for the CSULB Young Scholars Ocean Science Institute and currently gets her “kid fix” volunteering at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and El Dorado Nature Center. Now semi-retired, Annie continues to work as a science consultant for the UCLA Science Project, where she facilitates professional learning workshops for teachers. Ms. Maben brings enthusiasm, dedication and a nurturing spirit to help support student success and protect the environment.