Distance Learning

Distance learning is NOT just online learning: students work at home while their teacher works with them on lessons and assignments online. Distance learning is an instructional portal between teachers and students that is used when in-person instruction is unreasonable, or with the Covid-19 scenario, unsafe. Teachers rely on digital forms of communication such as messaging apps, chats, video calls, discussion boards and their school’s learning management system. Distance learning is a method for delivering instruction, not a variation in your particular teaching style.

With school closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it seems that distance learning is here to stay for this school year or longer. Taking your classrooms fully online can be stressful along with finding the right curriculum resources.

Below are a series of key links for Distance Learning. Amid the pandemic, many providers are offering resources, services and teaching materials at no charge. Get free tips and tools to support school closures and transitions to Distance Learning.

Teaching Through a Pandemic: A Mindset for This Moment Teacher wellness
Humanizing Online Teaching – Research by Saint Mary’s College profs (download)

Major Distance Learning Platforms

Zoom: How to set up – for students and parents

Google Classroom– free webservice for file-sharing between teachers and students

SchoologyDistrict-wide platform; Schoology Basic free to teachers for remote learning

Nearpod – Live webinars, instructional videos for learning the platform, science resources

Google Hangouts Meet – Chat, or hold video conference with groups

Canvas – Full Distance Learning platform; free to teachers during Covid; often used by IHE

Remind – 2-way communication platform: interacts with other major platforms

Khan Academy – Free Curriculum, Resources

Edgenunity – Online courses/curriculum for MS/HS

Remote Learning Best Practices for Teachers

Sustaining an Equitable Online Community for Sensemaking (UCLA Science Project) – PDF Hyperdoc

Supporting Students’ Science Learning During COVID-19 (STEM Teaching Tools) multiple language links

Jamboard – (Google) – Online breakout groups can collaborate on one white board, more tools than Zoom or Nearpod

OREO Learning Guide – Scroll down – Outstanding PDF that organizes platforms by tools

Remote Learning Playbook. Free detailed remote learning plan from Techlearning.com

PBL Remote Learning (Buck Institute/PBL Works) – Online workshops, projects, planners

Best Practices for Teaching Online Downloadable graphic that puts it altogether (ASU)

Highly Engaging Teaching Resources for Science

BrainPop – Free short animated video lessons on multiple topics

Global Oneness Project – Impactful real-world films, lessons, essays -search by NGSS PE’s

Gizmos – Largest online inquiry-based simulations for math & science

Phet Interactive Simulations – Searchable science & math, one of the Best!

Flocabulary – Free during Covid: Hip-hop video engagement for lessons, games, discussions

PBS Interactive Lessons – search by subject & grade; link to Google Classroom

TEDEd (6-12) Search a subject, create a lesson

Virtual Field Trips (Discovery Education) – Includes videos, teacher guides, full lessons

Explore.org (Annenberg) – LIVE webcams with lessons- from Arctic to Aquarium of the Pacific!


Quizlet – Free, with new remote learning options, using phones, codes

Quizzizz – Live quizzes, polls – collections by subject and grade level

GoFormative – Real-time responses to questions in many formats: upload or by scratch

Grade Cam – Free to individual teachers to create, score and analyze data

Kahoot! – Free during Covid-19; make and play learning games

CREATING Digital Media for Lessons

Padlet – Create a secure “bulletin board” to gather students’ work, organize a ‘gallery walk’

Flipgrid Remote Learning –Platform to create video-based discussions on classroom topics

Pear Deck for Google Slides – Make slideshows interactive and check for students’ understanding

Adobe Spark – Free during Covid, create short videos and graphics

Screencast-O-Matic – Video creation/screen capture/editing for everyone

Screencastify (Google Chrome) – capture video with webcam or video of computer screen/tabs

EdPuzzle – free during Covid 19: make any video YOUR lesson

Educreations – Free during Covid 19: capture, create, integrate, post on the go

KQED Media Academy for Teachers – SUMMER Courses!  Build skills in video production

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