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New Online Unit Planning Tool

I wanted to share this statewide resource I developed last year as Science Coordinator at the Orange County Department of Education. Prior to my retirement last July, I had trained over 200 “trainer of trainers” throughout the state on how…

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Searchable Phenomena

Another web-based resource I would like to reference is one developed by John Spiegel from San Diego COE and various district colleagues in San Diego County. It is a great search engine which allows a teacher to select a disciplinary…

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Linking NGSS, PBL & Science Fairs

Thinking about my Buck Institute training on Project Based Learning, and my years of service as President of the Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair Committee, there is no better way a fellow science teacher can support and make…

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NGSS Phenomena Resources

SO many teachers I work with ask for examples of phenomena-based lessons! I put together these two documents for middle and high school teachers and I am currently working on a similar document for K-5 elementary teachers. Sample NGSS Lessons…

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Science Fair Connections

One of the best things about science curriculum reform efforts is that great products are developed and shared by so many colleagues across our state. I just was given an excellent resource that illustrates the strong connections between science and…

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