Preparing for NGSS-aligned Instructional Materials Review

CDE Board action on publisher-submitted, NGSS-aligned instructional materials is right around the corner! In preparation for the “approved” K-8 list of instructional materials (IM), expected in January 2019, schools and districts should consider assembling and organizing their IM Review Committees to ready themselves for thorough review of these resources.

County Offices of Education will be offering a comprehensive training on IM review protocols that will provide essential data for your school/district to make an informed decision and recommendation to your local Board of Education. Since there are 19 publisher submissions for review at the state-level, it will be an arduous process to equitably review all specific grade-level materials to make a decision in the best interest of your students. Here is the link to the California Department of Education website where you can preview the list of IM submissions, along with the IM Review Committee Report of Findings-

California Science Teachers Association recently published an article suggesting a proactive plan for science teachers between now and January. Here is the link to the article published in August: