PD @ The Accelerated School

I recently completed three 2-hour “awareness” trainings for the elementary teachers at The Accelerated School (TAS) in Los Angeles. What made this a special consulting gig is the founder and CEO of the school, Johnathan Williams, is a former student of mine from my days at Long Beach Polytechnic High School!

Johnathan was a former member of the California Board of Education during my term as President of the California Science Teachers Association. While I was advocating for science education at the State Board in Sacramento, Johnathan and my paths crossed many times. We decided to keep in touch, and guess what – it came full circle when he opened TAS.

I facilitated workshops for his staff in TAS’s beginning years, and recently he called on me to help with his teachers’ implementation of NGSS. Although we have barely scratched the surface of NGSS, the school is planning additional grade-level professional development and coaching next fall. I’m looking forward to even more collaboration in the coming year.

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