NSTA Los Angeles a Big Success!

Kudos to my good friends Tim Williamson, Terry Shanahan, Anthony Quan and Susan Gomez Zweip for a phenomenal job organizing the NSTA National Conference in Los Angeles, March 30-April 2, 2017!

Personal thanks to the 200+ colleagues that attended my workshop Friday morning: “Starting with the End in Mind: Building an Instructional Unit from NGSS Performance Expectations.”

As promised, the newly developed Google Sheet Template for collaborative unit building, using the protocol presented at the workshop, is now available at:


This link will allow you to make a copy that can be added to your own personal Google folder. You must have a Google account to access Google Docs and Sheets. Create an account and sign in. You MAY have to additionally click on “request access” to sheets.  Be aware that Google apps work better in Google “Chrome” – users should absolutely avoid using Safari or Internet Explorer with Google Sheets…

As you and your colleagues develop units using my materials, I would be very interested in receiving an electronic copy of the completed template so I can share within my network. Thanks in advance, Dean

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