Practice Science Assessment Items!

Ready to incorporate new NGSS-aligned practice assessment items into your current instructional units? CDE has released training test items for the upcoming California Science Test (CAST) Pilot.

The CAST training test is now available at To gain access to a specific CAST training test, follow these instructions:

  1. Select “Student Interface Practice and Training Tests”.
  2. Leave everything as “guest”.
  3. Hit “sign in”, then select grade five, eight or high school.
  4. Choose the bottom CAST training test.
  5. Leave settings as is, then hit “select” and “yes”.
  6. Verify sound by playing the short video and click “I could play video and sound.”
  7. Click “begin test now”.
  8. Use next arrows at top to navigate.

A scoring guide for the training test will be posted soon on the CAASPP Portal at The guide will provide information on alignment with the California Next Generation Science Standards, correct answers, and sample responses for constructed response items.

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