Calgary Explores NGSS

Normally I would never visit Canada in the dead of winter, especially when it is 35o F below zero. However, I had a great opportunity to travel to Calgary this past December to work with a great group of curriculum/technology developers for a Canadian-based organization called “MindFuel“.

MindFuel brings technology into the classroom. is home to hundreds of high-quality digital resources that support the in-class experience for students in science from grades K-12. The content is created by teachers for teachers and they have consulted with experts and professionals in many fields to bring the latest advances into the games and experiences found on the site.

My role over the course of a four-day visit was to provide in-depth background training experiences on Next Generation Science Standards. From background awareness to lesson modeling and engineering design applications, I had the distinct pleasure of working with MindFuel’s entire developmental team. Their enthusiasm, engagement and inquisitiveness, not to mention their great hospitality, made my visit truly memorable.

Oh, did I mention that on Day 3 of my visit, the staff rented a van and we drove to Banff Springs where I was able to present in a gorgeous conference facility with windows overlooking snow-covered mountains and breathtaking landscape? What an awesome experience!

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