Science Fair Connections

One of the best things about science curriculum reform efforts is that great products are developed and shared by so many colleagues across our state. I just was given an excellent resource that illustrates the strong connections between science and engineering fair research projects, NGSS Science and Engineering Practices, and the Common Core connections to science and technical subjects.

Caroline Smith-LACSEF 2016b

Caroline Smith and her Award-winning project at the 2016 Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair

Thanks so much to Mary Walls, IB Coordinator, Arroyo Elementary and Jessica Wood, TOA, Curriculum Support, Science Learning and Teaching Division at the Ontario-Montclair School District, for this great resource.

I know that my fellow Committee members for both the Orange County and Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fairs will really appreciate this and make it available on their respective websites.

Link to: Research Board NGSS-CCSS Connections

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